How it works and what it costs.

1Register your restaurant for free and get a login.

2Upload menus, specials, events, promotions, pictures...

...opening hours, your policies on groups, bookings. It's custom made to collect all the information about your restaurant or café.

3Share your content

All your content is given unique links and packaged into useful tools:

  • A Menu App to show your menus on tablet PCs
  • A picture gallery widget
  • A widget to embed your menus in websites
  • An Events & Offers widget
  • A blackboard widget with specials, current menus and promotions.

We share these widgets with other websites so their visitors can see what's happening at your restaurant.

To get access to these Apps and Widgets yourself you need a basic subscription for £15 per month.

If you choose to have a Restaurant Drive website your widgets will be built-in.

4Soup-up your website

Included in the £30 per month subscription is a state-of-the-art website for your restaurant, including all our great functionality.

You can customise this yourself in a few clicks with logos, colours and fonts.

Or we can professionally customise it for you to fit your brand and needs.

  1. Send us details of your branding, examples of sites you like and any other information you want us to take into account.
  2. We’ll send you a design. If you like it we build it, if not we change it.
  3. Once we are agreed on the design we build the site for £400.
  4. Need a domain? We can advise on this and register it for you for £80.
  5. Need other languages? We can help with getting your site translated for £1.20 per line (55 chars per line).

5Activate your Social Feed

You can automatically share your new menus and promotions via Email marketing, Facebook and Twitter.

If you use Facebook and Twitter then we can hook up your account so your updates will automatically be posted. This costs £80.

If you’d like email marketing then we’ll need to set up an email template with your logos and style. This costs £80.

Your social feed is closely integrated with your website so you'll need to have one of our websites to add this feature (see stage 4).